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If you have been considering how to get into shape, you have probably heard most people say that working out can burn calories or fat in the body. Did you also agree that exercising is the best way to build your body shape? These questions are guiding us to think about what we should keep in mind when we decide to have a healthy body. Did you look at what you eat and where you got your calories today? People normally look at the amount of calories on the food packaging first but pay less attention to where they get those calories or what portions of food components they need to have for the body. Now, that’s why we are here for you with Mighty Mealz macro meal prepping.  It’s our job to concern ourselves about your health by taking care of your meals as our first step to offer everyone an appropriate meal plan.

Before we dive right into the meal-prepping topic, let us have a general idea of what are macro meals. Macro meals are part of a healthy eating style trend that how people optimize the allocation of proteins, carbs, and fats from food. It would be challenging for people in the beginning to find the right balance between all three to see which combination of food component works for them.

To figure out your ideal personal macro meal suits you the best, you first need to know what is your fitness goal. These can include weight loss, maintenance, or muscle gain. For these three fitness goals, how much proteins, carbs, and fats we need to consume is different. In general, we consume more proteins but fewer carbs and fats when we lose weight. For people who want to maintain their body shapes, they have a moderate consumption amount of proteins, carb, and fats. For people who like to gain muscles, their bodies need to absorb more proteins and carbs but less fats. In this way, setting a fitness goal before you decide your macro meals is very important. Once you have decided your fitness goal, you will know what food component you should intake more or less. Moreover, we need to approximately know the total amount of calories our body needs to consume each day with respect to our age, size, and fitness level. Knowing our total required consuming calorie amounts everyday is significant because it can remind us that these calorie amounts are the maximum value of calories consuming.  And last but not least, the carbs and proteins have 4 calories per gram and fat has 9 calories per gram. We can use these calorie numbers per gram and the total body intake calories to calculate how much portion of proteins, carbs, and fat we are able to consume every day.
Even if you don’t have time to cook, you are not interested in cooking or you prefer to have a healthy diet, having your personal macro meal benefits you a lot. Since Mighty Mealz is all readymade so they help you to save time. Instead of spending 30 minutes making meals every day, people have meal prepping will have their whole week of meals done by the weekend. They will also feel less stress about what they should eat in the morning, lunch, and dinner because they can bring the meal prepping boxes with them to work or school. Since they have meal prep, they will have less chances to eat out and eat fast food.

Simply Healthy is a great introductory to meal prepping it offers important macro consumption like complex carbohydrates, lean protein, fiber rich vegetables, and good fats. Mighty Mealz Menu

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